Odor Control From Perspiration Due To Hot Flashes  

Sweating is a natural process and people sweat when their body’s activity level increases. However, some people sweat under abnormal circumstances like hot flashes in women, for example. Hot flashes cause women to sweat excessively even when they are resting or sleeping which is abnormal.

Also, hot flashes cause the heart rate to go up. Some women may end up developing a bad body odor after a hot flash episode because of the excessive sweating caused due to it. Bad odor after sweating indicates the high toxin level in the blood and that is why people end up sweating. This may be a result of unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol and also having unhealthy eating habits. Some foods can cause a person to develop a bad body odor.

The only remedy to stop bad body odor is to stop sweating and this would mean stopping the hot flashes because they are innately related. There are several herbal and other natural remedies available for hot flashes which a woman may consider. These herbal supplements help to boost the estrogen levels which end up curing hot flashes. Also, for bad odor due to perspiration, women should take extra precautions while consuming certain kinds of foods like onion, garlic, red meat, fish and caffeine. These foods can cause bad body odor and also bad odor in the mouth.

However, talking to a doctor about hot flashes is always advised so that you also get other mineral and vitamin supplements to support your body during menopause.

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Odor Control From Perspiration Due To Hot Flashes




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Odor Control From Perspiration Due To Hot Flashes )
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