What Herbs Help Mood Swings ?  

There are several kinds of natural treatments available for mood swings in alternative medicine like homeopathy, ayurveda and naturopathy. Herbal extracts cure the illness naturally. However, mood swing is not an illness or a condition. It is just a temporary phase which lasts for a while and it may occur in episodes.

When mood swings occur too often then they may cause severe problems like clinical depression. It is a mere brain disorder caused due to certain chemical imbalances in the brain. Chemicals can be restored to normal in the brain very easily. However, diet and food habits have been directly related to cause mood swings. For example, eating too much chocolate may cause mood swings. On one hand, the chemicals found in chocolate can elevate the mood or when consumed in excess can cause craving also. Similarly when a person starves, he or she suffers from extreme and unreasonably bad behavior or mood swings. Anorexic people are a good example for mood swings.

There are several herbs like lime, primrose, flaxseed, and other seeds that have fatty oils. These herbs contain the essential elements to restore the chemical balance in the brain. The advantage with natural medications is that they have a better chance of absorption in the brain and also they do not have any side effects.

Many natural herbal medications are actually available off the shelf in the food and drug stores. These medications are allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. Also, they are available in the form of drinks and nutrition powder.

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What Herbs Help Mood Swings ?




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What Herbs Help Mood Swings ? )
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