Night Sweats In Elderly Women  

Night sweats is commonly associated with women who are going through menopause. Menopause itself is very difficult to diagnose. In some women, the symptoms of perimenopause can start in their early thirties and the symptoms can last for fifteen years before their periods completely stop. It is an extremely slow and gradual process.

Throughout the perimenopause stage, estrogen levels in the body keep fluctuating and this causes several symptoms and problems for women. However, since night sweats are a condition that is associated mostly with women, who are in their menopausal stage, it is usually not suspected in the elderly women.

An elderly person is someone who has crossed the age of 70 and by then in a woman’s body several changes have already taken place. Most women by that age would have reached menopause. After menopause, several symptoms like hot flashes and cold sweats actually disappear. When an elderly woman gets night sweats, then the causes are quite different and it could be because of an infection or other serious conditions. Often when a person is about to fall sick or if the body is facing a severe bacterial attack, it can react strongly through night sweats or extreme shivering with high temperature. If an elderly woman is going through night sweats, then she should be immediately taken to the hospital for further care. She may need to be put on a drip to avoid dehydration also the need for blood tests may be there to come to a diagnosis. Diet or menopause will be the last of the reasons in them.

Increased risk for night sweats in men and women are alike for those who are aged 60 or above.

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Night Sweats In Elderly Women




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