Perimenopause And Blood Pressure  

There are two kinds of blood pressure, one is high blood pressure and the other is low blood pressure. There are several causes of blood pressure in a person like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, thyroid, stress, anxiety and depression. Can menopause or perimenopause be one of them?

It is quite possible for a woman to have high or low blood pressure problems during perimenopause. However, the reasons may be more self attributed. During perimenopause every woman has to take a good dosage of vitamin and mineral supplements. At this time the body is going through constant changes and hormonal levels keep swaying from high to low. The varying levels of hormones can actually play havoc with a woman’s internal system.

Blood pressure may be a result of unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Women, during their perimenopause stage, should be able to kick their unhealthy habits because they will have to go through several other health problems along with the symptoms of perimenopause.

It has been noticed that when women have hot flashes or night sweats, their blood pressure levels vary below normal. These variations have been attributed to the falling body temperature at that time. Low or high blood pressure on a prolonged basis can actually harm women and cause other heart conditions. Women become more prone to heart attacks if they do not monitor the blood pressure levels. Also, high blood pressure can lead to diabetes eventually. The best way to keep blood pressure under control is through regular exercise and proper diet.

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Perimenopause And Blood Pressure




Perimenopause-Bleeding-Patterns      Perimenopause in women can start early in life. In some women this stage can begin as early as their mid-thirties. Women should start taking care of themselves through exercise and diet during this time. If every woman exercises regularly and follows a regular and timely diet, then she can avoid several symptoms and problems caused due to perimenopause and menopause. More..




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