What Vitamins And Supplements For Postmenopause ?  

During menopause a woman faces several deficiencies of minerals and vitamins in her body. These deficiencies are caused due to the depleting levels of estrogen and progesterone. Though these two hormones are mainly related to pregnancy and child birth, they play several other important and vital roles in the body.

The presence of estrogen enhances the absorption and use of vitamin D and it also enhances the absorption of calcium. On the other hand when the estrogen levels drop, women experience calcium and vitamin D deficiency. After an age, such deficiencies can be dangerous as the body needs more of these minerals. Calcium and vitamin D supplements are very helpful for women who are going through menopause and women should continue taking these supplements in the post menopause stage.

Also, vitamin B complex is very helpful because they have all the combinations of B vitamins required by the body. Women who take multivitamins on a regular basis benefit from them because the body automatically gets enough supply and is not falling short of it needs. This also does not disrupt anything in the body and the symptoms of menopause are automatically minimized and the woman enters post menopause with little effort.

Calcium and vitamin D helps to maintain strong bone density which is required during post menopause so that diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis or even bone cancer do not occur. Women have to be very careful during post menopause because they are highly prone to arthritis and osteoporosis. Weakening bones can easily lead to these diseases because the bone density keeps on decreasing due to the lack of calcium.

The woman reaches the peak of her health in her mid thirties after which the symptoms of perimenopause set in leading to menopause and finally post menopause.

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What Vitamins And Supplements For Postmenopause ?




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What Vitamins And Supplements For Postmenopause ? )
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