Symptoms Low Progesterone In Males

Symptoms Low Progesterone In Males

Just like how women are highly prone to hormonal imbalances, even men are prone to it. Just like women suffer from polycystic ovarian disease or syndrome (PCOD and PCOS), which result in male hormone domination, men also suffer from female hormone domination.

Low levels of progesterone increases the risks of several disorders and conditions in a man.

The role of hormones is very interesting to study in a human body. The glands that make hormones have a mutual understanding with each other and when one kind of hormone is found in excess, the other types of hormone automatically reduce in quantity.

If a males body starts making more progesterone, then the levels of testosterone automatically decreases.

Testosterone and estrogen are required by a male body to build strong bones and increase bone density. It is progesterone that is converted into testosterone in a man's body; it is the precursor hormone to testosterone. With low levels of progesterone, a man will have low levels of testosterone.

When testosterone decreases, then men are more exposed to arthritis and joint problems. They also become prone to fractures in accidents. Men may also have to face erectile dysfunction due to the decreased levels of testosterone in them. Their libido for sex may almost disappear and that is something men fear the most. So, as a natural reaction they start getting depressed, stressed out and also experience mood swings. Some men reportedly face memory loss.

In addition, with low progesterone levels, the risk of prostate problems increases.

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Symptoms Low Progesterone In Males