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          The day of retirement is an emotional experience for every employee. It is even more grueling for somebody who had served an organization for an extended period of time. Employees, who are going to retire, feel a sense of loss and change. However, it is an inevitable situation that every employee has to face at some point of time in life. While delivering the last formal speech in the organization, one needs to remember certain elements that could make the entire presentation a memorable moment to cherish.

          The most fundamental element is to be grateful to all the near and dear ones who played a phenomenal role in helping an employee reach his day of retirement. The acknowledgement should always start with the opportunities provided by the organization. It is only due to the opportunity provided by the organization at some point of time in the past that the employee is currently giving a retirement speech. The next element would be to acknowledge and thank the contribution and cooperation extended by the supervisors, head of the departments and other co-employees, without which it would have been difficult to sustain the demands of the job. It would be wonderful if everybody is remembered by their name and their contributions are mentioned in the presence of everyone during the retirement party.

          The speech could be followed with remembering various memorable experiences that one has encountered while being associated with the organization. Also could be included in the retirement speech are issues such as personal achievements and suggestions. One should never forget to acknowledge the contributions made by their family at the end of the speech.  

          The entire speech should be in a hilarious, respectable, dignified and gracious tone.

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Free Retirement Speech





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