Early Retirement From Military

Early Retirement From Military

Being in the military service till the end of the term adds to the pride and prestige of the officers. However, the benefits of opting for an early retirement cannot be ignored.

Early retirement has lots of advantages in case the military personnel have put in a minimum number of years in service. A person who has served in the military for a minimum of 20 years is eligible for a payment of 50 percent of his pay during his active duty time. A person who has served for a minimum of 30 years will be eligible for a payment of 75 percent of his pay during his active duty time.

The other advantage would be that an early retiree has his service time and can join another job and retire for a second time again around 60. He can win himself a civilian job comfortably with his military backgrounds. Hence, it is a green field, which ensures life with luxuries.

The person retiring should check the legislation, rules and regulations of the year he has joined the military though the main criteria remains the number of years of military service for their benefits.

Some civilians say that though they appreciate the importance of military force protection, they are against this provision and hence have generated much heat on the issue.

But early retirement is a treat and is like the icing on a cake and must be made use of if available. It is, in fact, a 'golden opportunity' that you can acquire if you can stick to military services for a minimum of 20 years.

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Early Retirement From Military
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