List Gold Mutual Funds

List Gold Mutual Funds

Gold mutual funds are funds which invest in companies whose core job is related to exploring, mining and dealing of gold. Over the years, gold mutual funds have gained immense popularity and are widely preferred. This is because the investors find this option to be very safe and some even feel that this may be an answer to their inflation needs because the gold mutual funds index can be twice as volatile as the stock market.

These funds tend to have a very transparent structure and their trading fees are also very low. Given below is a list of gold mutual funds:

Gold Mutual Funds:

  • ASA Limited
  • American Century Global Gold
  • DWS-Scudder Gold and precious metals
  • EVErgreen Precious Metals
  • Fidelity Select Gold
  • First Eagle Gold
  • Franklin Gold and precious metals
  • GAMCO Gold AAA
  • Midas Fund
  • OCM Gold
  • Pro Funds Precious Metals Ultra Inv
  • Rydex Precious Metals
  • Tocqueville Gold
  • US Global Investors Gold shares
  • Vanguard Precious Metals  

This is just to list a few gold mutual funds. However, these are not all. Investing in gold mutual funds is one’s personal choice. It is good for both short and long terms purposes. But those investing in the gold mutual funds should remember that they are investing in something that is very volatile and there might even be times when due to media hounding a particular fund, suddenly there might be some nervous trading.

But at the end of the day, if the money is safe and the returns are high, then it may be worth the trouble.

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