Dance And Therapy For Elderly  

Dance therapy, also known as dance/movement therapy, is used by therapists to help their patients with social, emotional, physical and behavioral problems. We all know that in many cultures dance is used to tell stories, celebrate events and forge bonds within the community. Basically choreographed steps are used in dance therapy so that people feel healthy and well in body and mind.

We all know that being elderly is no fun, especially if you are living alone with no family or friends close by. An elderly person can be very lonely under these circumstances and this can lead to many other complications. However, many therapists and doctors have found that dance therapy can be quite successful with the elderly as it gives them an opportunity to meet other people, have social interactions, touch other people and also get touched. Just the fact that elderly people can touch their dance partners helps them to get over their feeling of loneliness and of being isolated from the rest of world. In addition, the dance movements help to ease their tension, keep them flexible and fit, while helping to improve the tone of their muscles.

Many dance therapists who are constantly working with elderly people say that this therapy helps to stop social withdrawal, boosts creativity and build self-esteem in elders.

If you are an elderly person, you should definitely take advantage of dance therapy. However, before enrolling yourself, make sure that you inform your doctor so that he can let you know whether it is okay for you or not. In addition, this medical examination will allow your therapist to devise steps that are suited for your muscles and capabilities. Try not to overdo the steps as it can cause sprains, strains and injuries. Otherwise, you can have fun and get to meet other people during the therapy.

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Dance And Therapy For Elderly



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