Home Safety And Elderly

Home Safety And Elderly

Home safety is quite important for the elderly considering that life expectancy has increased dramatically in the last few decades. With increase in life expectancy comes many other issues like health problems, difficulty in moving around or possibility of getting injured.

Many elderly are so choosing to live on their own in places that they always dreamt of and when this happens sometimes accidents occur and these elderly have to seek medical help.

The topic of home safety and elderly should not be taken lightly and all preventive measures should be taken by the elderly to ensure that they are safe in their own homes. One of biggest causes of injuries among the elderly is falling. Elderly people who fall are at a risk of fracturing their bones or even dying.

One of the best ways to avoid falling is to ensure that elderly people maintain an active and healthy life by exercising. This will keep their joints and muscles strong. In addition, if there are stairs in the house, they should be immediately fitted with handrails so that the elderly can use support while climbing up or down. They should also ensure that the bathroom and the shower area are fitted with non-slip rubber mats besides having handles in bathtubs to facilitate getting into and out of the tub.

The second most common cause of accidents in elderly people's home is fire. Home safety and elderly experts say that many senior citizens actually end up hurting themselves seriously because of restricted mobility and their lack of tolerance to the effects of smoke inhalation and burns. It is important to have smoke detectors in the house along with exit routes marked out. Elderly who smoke should avoid doing so in bed and before going to sleep, they should ensure that all cigarette butts are carefully put out.

Home safety and elderly is a big topic in the US considering that the baby boomers are all retiring and will be eventually living alone with family to check on them or support them.

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Home Safety And Elderly
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