Indoor Activites For Elderly Seniors

Indoor Activites For Elderly Seniors

Elderly seniors need some activities to keep them entertained especially if they are immobile or are living in nursing homes, where they are far from their friends and family. This is where indoor activities for elderly seniors can play an important role if you know some.

We have to remember is that elderly seniors who live in nursing homes or alone are very lonely people. They do not have family visiting them and can get isolated and withdrawn. This can lead to stress, depression, anxiety or other emotional problems. However, if they are kept busy with some activity or the other, they will not only exercise their mind but they will also be happy mingling with other people.

Here are some indoor activities for elderly seniors, which they will definitely enjoy and be willing to take part in.

  • It is nice to get the elderly seniors involved in painting. Painting is considered a balm for anyone's emotion and you can organize a small painting competition among the elder residents of a nursing home.
  • Clay modeling is considered a good activity for seniors because it exercises their hands and offers them an exciting sensory experience. Make sure that you tell the seniors that they can model whatever they want. Leave it as a free-flowing activity rather than having rules.
  • You can organize a karaoke night wherein all the elderly people can join, sing along and basically have a lot of fun together.
  • You can organize a bingo night so that all the elderly seniors in a nursing home can take part. Have some nice prizes, which can ask people to donate or if you have money, you can buy them yourself.

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Indoor Activites For Elderly Seniors
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