Different Types of Elder Abuse

Different Types of Elder Abuse           Elder abuse is a reality in the United States. Every year thousands of elderly people across America are abused. This abuse can happen anywhere -- at home, in a nursing home or a relative's home.

          There are many different types of elder abuse and if you think an elderly person is being abused, you should immediately notify the authorities so that they can be given the required protection.

          Remember, elder abuse can be in different forms. It can range from intimidation to neglect to financial con. However, the most common types of elder abuse are listed below:

Different Types of Elder Abuse:

  • Physical Abuse: This is one of the most common elder abuses. Here brute force is used against a helpless senior citizen to get him or her to do what the caregiver wants them to do. Physical abuse can be in the form of pushing, hitting, restraining or confining the elderly person.
  • Emotional Abuse: The sole idea behind this is to cause emotional stress and pain to the elderly person. Emotional abuse can be in the form of yelling, threatening, humiliating or blaming the person for all things that are going wrong in the caregiver's life. A caregiver can also resort to emotional abuse by not talking to the person or isolating the elderly person from his friends and rest of the family.
  • Sexual Abuse: As heinous as it sounds, this form of elder abuse is present in our society. Sexual abuse can be forcing the elder to take part in sex acts, showing him or her pornographic material, making the person watch others having sex or forcing the person to undress.
  • Abandoning: Most of the elder abuse fall in this category in the US where the caregiver does not want to take care of the elderly person. This can be in the form of leaving the person in a shopping mall without any identification or not giving the elder the care and support he or she requires.
  • Financial Abuse: This sort of abuse happens when the caregiver resorts to using the elderly person's money or assets without authorization.

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