How To Create Detection Of Elder Abuse

How To Create Detection Of Elder Abuse

In order to create a detection method of elder abuse, it is first important to understand the causes of elder abuse. According to several theories that are there, elder abuse happens because of family violence and this tendency is passed on from one generation to the next.

Other theories talk about psychological problems like alcoholism, emotional problems or drug addiction among the caregivers; a caregiver can also get abusive due to stress, economic problems and not have a proper support structure.

Although no theory actually tells why elder abuse exists in our society, it is safe to conclude that each theory contribute to the problem. But, how to create detection of elder abuse? The first step in the detection method always rests with a doctor. When an elderly person comes to a doctor for any treatment, it is the doctor's responsibility to check the patient thoroughly. This includes checking with the elderly person where he or she is living, with whom, the person's financial status, what social support the elderly person has and finally, whether the person suffers from stress. The doctor should make an endeavor to observe the relationship between the elderly patient and his or her caregiver. If the doctor suspects, elder abuse, he should immediately make arrangements to interview the elderly patient alone.

Many times depending on the relationship the healthcare practitioner and the elderly patient have, it is quite possible for doctor to make the patient aware of interventions and support groups. However, if the patient refuses intervention, then Adult Protective Services should be contacted.

This is one of the best ways to create detection of elderly abuse. Though there are other ways which involve different agencies, community and counselors. But this process of detection takes a long time to become effective.

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How To Create Detection Of Elder Abuse
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