Stories Of The Abused Elderly

Stories Of The Abused Elderly

In the United States you can hear many stories of abused elderly. Unfortunately, in the US there are nearly 5 million elderly people who are abused each year and experts feel that the number is grossly misrepresented. In fact, the number of abused elderly is much higher.

When reading stories of abused elderly we can see that there is a common trend. The likeliest victims are those who live in nursing home. Abuse of our elderly need not always be physical; it can be mental, emotional or financial. Many victims in nursing homes are often not given the minimum required care and this is considered an abuse.

The United States does have laws against elderly abuse but these have not stopped stories of abused elderly surfacing frequently. It is in fact very sad that we as a nation cannot protect our elderly citizens who were instrumental in helping to build our country.

The nursing homes in the United States are regularly visited by voluntary ombudsmen, who have the responsibility to ensure that residents are not being subjected to abuse. However, these are ordinary people who may not be able to see elderly abuse clearly. That is why many experts feel medical professionals should don this mantle and become volunteers to stop stories of elderly abuse. Medical professional have the knowledge and insight to see abuse and they can be trained to report and play an active role in prosecuting these perpetrators.

Until some drastic measures are taken to protect our elderly citizens, we will keep hearing and reading stories about elderly abuse.

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Stories Of The Abused Elderly
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