What Is The Definition Of Corporate Communication ?


There are many definitions related to corporate communication and all of them refer to the main aspect of sharing information and knowledge. As communication is the process of sharing information, in the same way corporate communication refers to the communication that is issued by a company, either verbally or written.

Corporate communication can be divided into internal corporate communication as well as external corporate communication. Internal communication is the communication that is exchanged between the employees of the company, between various divisions of the company or communication used for making announcements with regards to the growth of the business and its vision and other things. In the present world internal communication is the key for any business to grow. Internal corporate communication would include inter office correspondence through the intranet, official website etc.

External corporate communication would include the information that the company sends out to the shareholders and other agencies of the company about its business, its performance, its growth etc. The main aim of external corporate communication is to enhance the company’s reputation amongst the shareholders.  External corporate communication would include annual reports, billboards, company brochures etc. In today’s corporate world, external corporate communication is very important because only through such communication an upcoming company can make its presence felt and keep the people post about its developments and growth.

Silence may be golden, but the same does not hold true for the corporate world and without corporate communication, internal as well as external, a company cannot perform up to its fullest and eventually cannot survive in the long run.

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What Is The Definition Of Corporate Communication ?




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