Why Is Communication Important ?


Communication is an important aspect of our lives. It is hard to imagine a life where there is absolutely no communication. In fact, maybe it is not even possible to lead a life without communication and that is the reason we see that even the hearing impaired, dumb and visually challenged people learn some way to communicate with the others.

In other words, communication is merely an expression of oneself and the exchange of ideas between people. In a day about 70 percent of our time is spent in communicating with the others. It is a well known fact that good communication is the back bone of any organization.

Communication can be of different types such as verbal communication, non verbal communication and written communication. In case of verbal communication, it is merely by using speech and language that the communication takes place. In case of non verbal communication, there is no exchange of words, but it may be gestures or signs or facial expressions that are used for communication. In case of written communication, a letter is used to express oneself. This could again either be a hand written letter or a typed letter.

A person may have brilliant ideas in his mind, but unless they are communicated to others, it is not possible to implement that idea and it is also difficult to finish all the tasks on one’s own. Good communication skills are an added advantage and people with good communication skills are an asset to any organization as these people can work their way around the others because of their communication skills.

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Why Is Communication Important ?




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