Is He Flirting Or Being Friendly ?


Flirting is considered to be the stepping-stone that leads to healthy affairs at times. It is not meant to hurt anyone, unless the opposite person takes it to heart. For fun lovers it is just a simple time pass. However, there are different levels of flirting and it becomes hard at times to figure out if it is just a friendly gesture or a flirt.

It varies from person to person and their intentions. It is the flirting and the reciprocation that decides further progress or any escalation in the relation. If things do not move beyond a level, it suggests mere flirting.

There may be some people who may be very shy and probably would be talking to only some people. In such cases, they may not be actually flirting; they may genuinely try to be friendly. Your focus on his body language would give you clues about his intentions. If he is standing very close to you and all his attentions are just focused on you, then it is a sure sign that he is not there just flirting.  In case you are still doubtful, try to change the position deliberately. If he too shifts his position to match yours accordingly, it shows he is not simply flirting and he is serious. Or else he would loose his interest and try leaving.

One important thing to remember is that people try flirting with someone so that they can test the feelings and reactions of that person and if they get a positive response, then they may move on to try and develop a friendly relationship.

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Is He Flirting Or Being Friendly ?




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Is He Flirting Or Being Friendly ? )
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