Aquarius Love Traits

Aquarius Love Traits

Aquarians are artistic people who love to befriend people and they do seem to be quite successful in the same too. The water-bearer is quite moody too always tipping from one extreme to the other in short periods of time.

When it comes to matters of the mind, they are extremely choosy. They cannot bear being in company after a point of time, which is not mentally and intellectually satisfying.

When in love, they very shy and cool; but you will never find even a single moment of boredom. They do value their freedom a lot, and this will come as a respite, they are not the jealous type. Even during the rare moments of jealousy, they would carefully conceal it from showing.

Their cool behaviour might sometimes look as if they do not really love their partner, but beneath the cool façade is a very loving and caring persona who swears by their loved ones and stick by them always. They are quite sensitive too and can be hurt quite easily.

They do not believe in public display of affection and get quite uncomfortable with a lot of touching and hugging, though that does not mean they are not passionate in private settings. But, more or less, they tend to gravitate towards their very opposite too who are every bit as passionate and romantic as the water bearers are not. Surprisingly, it works out too with the Aquarians cool reserve calms the hot headed partner and the latter ignites warm passion in the Aquarians. As they say, opposites attract!!

Aquarius is an air-sign and they are most compatible with the other air signs Gemini and Libra, including other Aquarius too.

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Aquarius Love Traits