Free Love Letters

Free Love Letters

A love letter is best presented as a handwritten note using your best stationery and your best handwriting. Do not use blue, green or red pen. You can use a black or brown flair pen and write on a cream or white paper or choose any other soft colored paper of your choice.

Put on a melodious romantic music and rest in a place where you would get complete privacy. Stimulate a romantic mood by dimming the lights. You can date your love letter since this would be a treasured possession and your lover would keep reading it again and again.

A love letter need not be too long. It can just be simple and sweet.

A sample of a free love letter could be as follows:

“Darling X,

You are the reflection of my happiness. I feel a lot happy and smile when I think about you. I love you so much and I always look forward to our next meeting. Your sweetness, your tenderness and your thoughtfulness has really impacted me so much that I am so excited about thinking of our time together. I do hope our relationship would blossom and we would cherish our friendship throughout our life as we tread on our life journey together.”

A love letter should convey the passion for being together and should reflect your sincerity to the feelings of your beloved. It can convey your deep feelings but should never hurt your beloved or convey the messages which can be misinterpreted. The Internet is a great source to find some quote which could be an inspiration for you to write.

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Free Love Letters