Im Sorry And I Love You Letters

Im Sorry And I Love You Letters

“To err is human” is a proverb. But once you have realized that the mistake is on your part, it would be a graceful step from your side to write a sorry letter from your side and request your beloved to forgive you for your mistake. Most of the relationships can really patch-up with this gesture but unfortunately, not many people do so.

Do not think twice when you have to write a love letter saying sorry. This would only bring you closer together and gain more respect for you from your partner. Firstly, be in a relaxed mood and in a mindset where you can write sincerely and frankly. Be away from distractions in a quite place and have a fresh mind before you start.

A sample letter is highlighted below:

My darling X,

I am very sorry that I have hurt you. I feel guiltier when I think that I have hurt someone I love. I cannot bear to think that you are feeling so sad and dull when otherwise you are chirpy and always smile at me. I am missing all our light moments together. I really want to see you back to your happy self if you are able to forgive me as your happiness is my first priority in our relationship.

I apologize for my mistake and I would do whatever it takes for you to understand how sorry I am. I am missing all the energy around me and I thought my sincere words in this letter to you would convince you to forgive me. I am really sorry once again for what I did and I am sure this would not repeat any more in the future.

All my Love,

<Your first name>

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Im Sorry And I Love You Letters