Missing You Love Letters

Missing You Love Letters

There could be various instances during your relationship where you may have to be away from your partner, especially when they are in need of you. These compelling situations would make you miss your partner. This is the time you can write missing you love letters.

Many a time, people refrain from writing these kinds of letters as they are shy to express their love. Keep aside your inhibitions and take the extra step to write a letter to your beloved one and see your intimacy grow leaps and bounds.

While greeting in the letter, you should be informal and use the first name of your lover. “My dear X” or “Dearest X” or “Darling X” could be a good start. To begin, start with the reasons of you sending the letter. Example: “I have spent sleepless nights wondering about our good time together so far.” Or “I wish I was a poet to write how much my life has changed after meeting you.”

A sample of missing you love letter goes as follows.

My dear X,
I feel like giving you a hug and I feel you are near me every time. I miss you so much when I realize you are not there to hold you tight and I miss looking into your beautiful eyes to say “I love you!” I am also having tough sleepless nights when I know I cannot cuddle with you and be close to you all the time. Time is not far when I would be back and we can make up for all the fun we have missed together.

Tons of love,
<Your first name>

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Missing You Love Letters