Relationship Advice For Abandoned Children

Relationship Advice For Abandoned Children

There are many children who are abandoned by their parents or who know nothing about their parents. Either these children end up living with their grandparents, or in an orphanage or foster home. Either way, the knowledge that they were not wanted wreaks psychological havoc in their lives.

The reason for abandonment could be many -- poverty, financial problems, health issues or parents have just moved on with their lives without the children. There is no fixed reason why children are abandoned. But it goes without saying that majority of these children are emotionally scarred so badly they might never be able to form relationships in the future.

Relationship Advice for Abandoned Children:

           Invariably abandoned children end up blaming themselves. They feel that they must have done something wrong because of which their parents do not want them. They end up feeling less attractive and are bitter. However, this bitterness stops them from forming and forging relationships in the future. They end up feeling bitter against everyone. If you are an abandoned child, then you have to let go of these negative feelings as they will consume your life. Instead focus on positive feeling and open yourself to relationships and love. There are people out there who will love you for what you are. Of course, it may take a few tries but you will get there ultimately.

Remember bitterness will have a negative impact not just on you mentally but also physically. You will become psychologically vulnerable and the bitterness will make you feel completely useless and powerless. Instead, concentrate on your positive aspects and keep reaffirming to yourself that you have a lot of love and happiness to give someone else. This way you will be able to control your actions and future instead of letting your emotions control you.

If you are abandoned, get over it. By feeling any emotions towards parents who are not in your life, you are letting them control you. This way you will not be able to love or be loved the way you deserve. Move on and forgive those who have hurt you and above all forgive yourself for having bitter and negative feeling. Only then will you be able to move on with your life and have a healthy relationship.

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Relationship Advice For Abandoned Children