Can I Date While Going Through A Divorce ?

Can I Date While Going Through A Divorce ?

The decision of dating while going through a divorce depends on certain situations and conditions. There are many cases where the marriage fails due to certain reasons and the couple gets divorced. But, dating while you are legally not single or divorced, is considered in bad taste.

It is not advisable to date someone while you are getting divorced because your soon-to-be ex-spouse can take advantage of the situation which can work against you, and in the favor of your spouse.

Emotionally, when someone is not satisfied with his or her married life, they tend to get attracted to any person who pays just a little bit of attention. But still, that is not any excuse to start dating.

Divorce is a breakdown of a relationship, and certainly it is not easy to handle. And while you are in a transition phase, it is not wrong to seek someone for support. However, the legal system says that dating while going through a divorce is an offense. Even during the divorce, your dating can be projected as betrayal of the marriage, and your spouse could win a huge sum of money as a result of your transgression.

If you are going to be dating during your divorce proceedings, it is important that the court where the proceedings are taking place should be informed. This will allow the court to know that you started dating only after the proceedings started. Dating, while you are married, is illegal and relationship breakers. Dating, while you are getting divorced, is not wrong until done carefully and in a correct manner, or else unwittingly it could be a source of problem.

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Can I Date While Going Through A Divorce