Can You File For A Divorce Without A Lawyer ?

Can You File For A Divorce Without A Lawyer ?

Divorce is a very expensive procedure. Filing for divorce in any way means there is going to be a hefty amount of money involved. Normally, people have a tendency to think that filing for divorce is a complicated process and hence, they prefer to hire the services of a lawyer. Unaware of the fact that hiring a lawyer is very expensive.

In fact, many people cannot hire a lawyer to help them file for divorce. And, this leads to people wondering whether it is possible to file for a divorce without a lawyer.

Well, the answer to this question is yes. Anyone can file for divorce without a lawyer. The process is a little complicated and involves some amount of money, but this way is much cheaper than hiring a lawyer.

A divorce is an unfortunate event, but sometimes one has no other option available. Yes, a divorce costs lots of money, but a major part of the money can be saved if you know how to file for divorce in a court.

Following the correct procedure and having a little bit of patience is what is required when you are filing for a divorce yourself with the help of a lawyer.

First of all, go to the clerk of court and collect the needed documents and forms required for filing. This process can also be done through internet. You can take printouts of the documents, and fill them out. Then, go to the clerk of court and explain according to the situation. For example, assets vs. no assets, debts vs. no debts and children vs. no children. Then, the responsible person there will help you out and guide you as to what papers are required based on your specific circumstances.

In order not to have a bitter and long divorce proceedings, it is best to discuss all assets and debts before hand and come to an agreement with your spouse. This agreement should be a written one.

Filing for a divorce and then getting the papers served to your spouse without the assistance of a lawyer will cost you around $500. This sum is much cheaper compared to what you would have ended up paying a lawyer.

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Can You File For A Divorce Without A Lawyer