How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last ?

How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last ?

A rebound relationship is a relationship into which you enter right after being out of a long-term love relationship. Rebound relationships often result because of a delusion. You feel that the new person in your life is the one for you. What happens in these times is that you are in need of emotional comfort and support. And hence, tend to look towards the new person who appears to be caring and comforting. Naturally, both of you land up in a relationship.

Rebound relationships suffer the risk of not lasting long. There is the risk that once the delusion lifts, you may feel that you made a mistake rushing into the rebound relationship. In an attempt to move on with your life, you decided to enter this relationship. How long a rebound relationship lasts completely depend on the two persons in it.

A rebound relationship requires a lot of understanding. The new person should understand the risks associated with it and should be understanding to know that the other person was hurt and hence, has looked to this new person. At the same time, the person should be wise to accept the fact that the other person will constantly keep remembering his or her ex. If that is so, then it does not portent good for the relationship. None of the two people are doing justice to each other. Then, there is no use of existing in such a relationship.

The person, who has come out of a previous relationship and entered a rebound one, should also learn to forget the past partner and learn to accept the new person in their lives. This is the only way the rebound relationship can last.

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How Long Do Rebound Relationships Last