How To Tell If You Are A Rebound ?

How To Tell If You Are A Rebound ?

A rebound relationship is one when you land up in a relationship right after coming out of another relationship. Sometimes, a relationship breaking up may make you feel lonely, and you may want to confide in someone, want someone with whom you can share your sorrow and grief.

Also, if you have a new person in your life fawning over you, it helps a great deal with your self-esteem, which may be bruised after a breakup. Most rebound relationships occur due to these reasons.  

Therefore, you can easily tell if you are in a rebound relationship. You will be able to tell if you are on a rebound if after leaving your previous relationship, you feel lonely and cannot bear the emotional pain and misery. Then you may resort to dating and finding a new partner. If the new person in your life has entered your life in this manner, then it is a rebound relationship.

One needs to be very careful in a rebound relationship because there are not many chances that it will last for long. This is because rebound relationships are generally entered into in a hurry. It is delusion that you are moving on with your life, and that the new person by your side is the one meant for you.

The above will also tells you if you are the rebound. If you do figure out that you are a rebound, you need to exercise caution. Try to understand whether the both of you are doing justice to each other. You need to understand that your partner may take time to forget his or her ex.  So, in the meantime you need to be as supportive as you can be. However, if you are the one making all the sacrifices, then it just might not be worth it. The person is using you and once this is done, you will be discarded.

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How To Tell If You Are A Rebound