Can Divorced Catholic Remarry In Church ?

Can Divorced Catholic Remarry In Church ?

A Christian marriage is considered very holy. It is a holy union that binds two people for the rest of their lives in the union of marriage. However, sometimes, some people may not find the happiness that this marital bliss is supposed to provide, and may want to separate. When this happens, a divorce seems the only way out, and is almost inevitable if the situation is serious.

Nevertheless, they may find happiness after their divorce with another individual and may want to get remarried to that person. Then the obvious question arises as to whether they can remarry as Catholics in the church.

There are different views on whether a divorced Catholic can remarry in church. The Roman Catholic Church view is believed to be that divorce is only allowed by the Bible when it can be shown without a doubt that the marriage never existed. In such cases, which are called an annulment, a remarriage may be allowed by the Bible, and it can be performed in the holy sanctity of a church. This annulment needs to be shown to a Church tribunal who will then allow the remarriage.

An annulment is also known as “An Ecclesiastical Declaration of Nullity”. Even if both the parties can show that the marriage was null or void by the terms, the children of the marriage are still considered legitimate. One of the conditions on which the annulment is granted is if there was no proper consent from one of the parties concerned (either husband or wife). It is believed that the Vatican court processes about 200 marriage annulments per year. This is in stark comparison to the civil courts in Italy which handle almost 100,000 cases a year.

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Can Divorced Catholic Remarry In Church