Can I Legally Remarry After Getting A Divorce ?

Can I Legally Remarry After Getting A Divorce?

Getting married a second time is not always wrong, especially when your marriage failed the first time round despite all your efforts to preserve the marriage. But before getting married the second time, you should be absolutely sure that this is the right decision that you are taking. If not, then take time to think it over properly in your mind. Otherwise, it will not give you happiness. IT will only lead to more suffering.

Legally remarriage is allowed. But there are norms that you need to stick to. When you get a divorce, depending on the state in which you live, there may be a waiting period. Before the waiting period is over, you cannot get married. If you do so, then the marriage will be considered void. The waiting period differs from state to state. So you have to know the laws in your state.

There are some states in the United States which do not have a waiting period. There are yet others where the waiting period is specified by the judge. This happens once the divorce decree is agreed to by the judge. The waiting period is generally counted in these cases from when the judge gave his consent for the divorce. However, this may not be the same as when the final hearing is scheduled to take place. For instance, in Ohio there is no waiting period. When the final divorce decree is over, you can go out and remarry immediately. Therefore, legal remarriage after a divorce is possible within the specified regulations.

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Can I Legally Remarry After Getting A Divorce