How Long After A Divorce Before A Man Is Ready To Remarry ?

How Long After A Divorce Before A Man Is Ready To Remarry ?

When a divorce takes place, there may be one of the parties considering a remarriage. As long as one abides by the laws, this is not a problem. In some states of the United States, there may be a waiting period before the expiration of which you cannot remarry. This waiting period is the same for men as well women.

If there is a waiting period, then the man should find out what it is for the state he is residing in. Remember, it differs from state to state. For example, in certain states like Ohio there is no waiting period, whereas Alabama has a 6-month waiting period.  So, you can remarry after the divorce decree is over. But if there is a waiting period, find out how long it is. Generally, the waiting period is counted from the day when the judge approves the divorce decree. Remember that the date of divorce decree approval may not be the same as the final hearing.

When you are remarrying, make sure that there are no laws binding either you or your spouse against the second marriage. Instead of going to a civil court, some may even opt to go the Church tribunal and seek a divorce. Then, in such cases, you may have to wait until the church approves annulment of your marriage. There are many ways to do so. For example, you can say that the consent of one of the parties involved, the husband or the wife, was not there.

If you are convincingly able to prove your first marriage void, then you can remarry again. It depends on your faith and belief as to whether you approach a civil court or not. Also, make sure of the maintenance charges for your ex-spouse and child before you marry again.

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How Long After A Divorce Before A Man Is Ready To Remarry