Personal Growth Development In Adolescence

Personal Growth Development In Adolescence

Adolescence is a difficult period where teenagers are neither children nor adults. Adolescence is transitioning between two worlds and they are trying their best to adjust to the changes that are occurring in their bodies while still trying to function as normally as they can.

This period is extremely confusing for an adolescent and personal growth and development can help them become better human beings while they achieve their goals and build their confidence levels.

Personal development for adolescence should ensure that a teenager gains greater control over his or her life, has improved relationships with family and friends, has more self confidence and self esteem, makes smart and wise decisions in life, able to differentiate between good and bad, recognize their goals and prioritize them, and find balance between social life, family and school.
One of the major areas of personal growth that a teenager needs to focus on is self esteem. If a teenager has low self esteem, he or she will make all the possible mistakes and will end up undermining their capabilities and abilities.

Many teens have low self esteem because of their appearance. This appearance can be physical appearance or how they perform in academics, sports or other activities. By making an adolescent feel good about himself or herself will ensure that they achieve their personal goals.

Self esteem has a lot to do with what the adults around the teenager are doing and how they are behaving. As parents, personal development and growth for your teenager should be of paramount importance. If you are constantly putting yourself down, your negative vibes will rub on to your teenager and he or she will also end up undermining himself or herself. Therefore, you first need to improve your self esteem.

Our society believes that being thin and beautiful is the ultimate goal for a person. Most teenagers struggle with the way they look even if they are thin and beautiful. Instead spend quality time with your teenager to teach them that outward image is not everything. Beauty comes from within and not from outside. Therefore, it is not important to look like a model. This will take time but in due course with enough perseverance, you should succeed.

You should praise them for their successes and forgive them for their shortcomings. After all they are in a learning stage and will make mistakes. Success in any aspect of life should be celebrated. Encourage your adolescent to try new things and if they do not do too well, let them know it is okay.

And above all, make sure that you are there for your teenager. Every adolescent needs love and support from the family to grow into a better human being. This will help your teenager develop a sense of self esteem and you will be contributing to his or her personal development.

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Personal Growth Development In Adolescence