Alzheimer's Companion Cards

          A Companion Card is a wallet-sized photo ID card, which allows people with chronic illness and disability (who due to their disability require lifelong attendant and care) to participate in community events and activities without discrimination. The companion card is ideally suited for patients with Alzheimer’s.

          This companion card can be presented at the time of purchasing tickets or at the time of paying an admission fee at any event. On presenting the hosts of the event with the companion card, a second free ticket will be issued for the companion and the cardholders will not be required to pay any admission fee for his companion who is providing attendant care.

           The companion card operates in several states in the U.S. In Australia, the Companion Card program has been introduced by the Government’s Disability Framework for Action with the objective of promoting human rights by eliminating hurdles placed in the path of disable people, who are often prevented from participating in social and cultural events. The Companion Card program is run by the Disability Bureau of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

          Before the introduction of the companion card system, a person with Alzheimer’s or other disability (who required an attendant’s support in order to participate at events and activities) was required to pay the admission fees for 2 persons -- one for himself and another one for his companion. Ultimately, the disabled person ended up paying double the admission and/or booking fees. But this was an outright violation of law since even Alzheimer suffers and disabled peopled have equal right to participate in all community events.

          Therefore, the companion card provides the best possible solution to this problem and is very simple to obtain. Anyone can apply for a companion card if they can provide the following:

  • Proof of a disability
  • Proof that owing to the disability attendant care support is required to participate in community events or activities
  • Proof that this kind of support is required throughout the lifetime






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