Cost Of Dental Bone Grafts  

In order to have a dental implant, you should have enough bone in the jaw to hold and support the implant. However, at times patients do not have sufficient bone, or they suffer from bone loss due to infection of the gums and surrounding areas. In that case, the only solution left is for the patient to undergo a dental bone grafting procedure.

A dental bone graft rebuilds the bone mass in the jaw, and thus ensuring that there is sufficient bone mass with adequate strength to hold and support the dental implant. The dentist decides on the type of bone graft to use. Once this is decided, then the bone grafting procedure can take place.

Bone grafting is done under anesthesia, and the average healing time is approximately 4 months. However, this time can vary from one patient to the next. During the healing time, the patient will have to undergo a course of antibiotics to prevent infection, and will also be given painkillers to alleviate the post-operative pain.

Once the dentist is satisfied with the amount of bone regrown, and is certain that the healing is complete, the dental implanting procedure is undertaken.

The cost of dental bone graft depends on the procedure. If it is a simple bone graft without anything other procedure to be done, then you can expect to pay around $250. However, if a sinus lift has to be undertaken, then the bone grafting procedure cost can rise. Nonetheless, depending on the type of graft and other materials used, the cost of a dental bone graft can vary from a mere $250 to massive $25,000.

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Cost Of Dental Bone Grafts




Dental-Bone-Grafts      Usually dental bone grafts are done if there is bone missing in the jaw or there bone mass is low in height or width. A dental bone graft is deemed as a necessity when the jaw bone does not have sufficient bone to support and stabilize the dental implants. Usually the bone mass in the jaw can get reduced in height or width due to missing teeth, trauma to the bone, periodontal disease or it could also be genetic in nature. More..




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