Cost Of Dental Bridge Work  

A dental bridge is used when in a cosmetic dental procedure when a tooth or several teeth missing. A bridge consists of two crowns on either side of the gap, and then a false tooth is fixed in the gap with the crowns lending it the required support to help the false tooth stay fixed in its position.

There are usually three types of dental bridges. These are traditional bridge, cantilever bridge and resin bonded bridge. The cost of dental bridge work depends on the type of bridge the dentist fixes.

A traditional dental bridge consists of two crowns on either side of the gap created by the missing tooth, and a false tooth in the gap. This is the most common type of dental bridge that is used, and can be made from ceramic or porcelain fused metal, also known as PFM. In case there are no teeth adjacent to the crowns to support them, then dental implants are used to keep the bridge in a fixed position.

The cantilever dental bridge is used when there are teeth only on one side of the gap. In this case, the two crowns and the false tooth are fused together and then attached to the existing teeth present on one side of the gap.

The resin bonded bridge consists of plastic teeth and gums which are supported by a structure of metal.

Usually the cost of dental bridge would be between $500 and $900 per tooth. This does not include the dentist's cost and the cost for fixing the crown on either side of the false tooth. Out of all the types of dental bridges, the resin bonded bridge is the cheapest. Typically, a resin bonded dental bridge would cost between $250 and $550 for fixing the crowns, and an additional $600 to $1,200 for fixing the false tooth between the crowns.

If you are interested in getting dental bridge work done, then you should be prepared to spend between $1,000 and $3,000 for each tooth.

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Cost Of Dental Bridge Work




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