How To Whiten Dental Bridges ?

How To Whiten Dental Bridges ?

If you have a missing tooth, it can cause a whole lot of problems. The surrounding teeth shift to occupy the empty space, and this can lead to stress at the jaw joint, and the shifted teeth tend to become hard to clean, and this can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. So, getting a dental bridge seems to be sensible if you want to protect the rest of the teeth in your mouth.

Many people, who have dental bridges, sometimes complain that the bridges are stained, the false tooth and crowns are not white enough to match the natural teeth. They are constantly looking for ways to whiten dental bridges.

Usually the crowns and the false tooth in a dental bridge are made from porcelain. Many times when there is a fracture on the surface of the crowns or the false tooth, stains can enter the dental bridge making it discolored. In such a case, a dentist can put a new porcelain laminate on the teeth helping them to look white and new.

However, at times, the stain can be remnants from previous teeth cleaning procedures. These stains would be quite difficult to remove and will not be affected by laminates as they will be severe in nature. In such a case, dental bridge can be whiten by a dentist using laboratory pumice to clean the surface of the bridge and get rid of the stains.

At times, a bridge can be made from acrylic material rather than porcelain. To whiten these bridges, the dentist will use porcelain laminate.

Many people have professed to using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda successfully to white dental bridges. However, these are materials that can be abrasive in nature if not used correctly and can cause damage to your natural teeth.

Therefore, if you are looking How To Whiten Dental Bridges ?, you should consult your dentist. As at times the only option would be to replace the crown and the porcelain tooth. Your dentist would be the best person to tell you How To Whiten Dental Bridges ? without causing any damage to the bridges as well as your natural teeth.

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