Dental Implants And Mri

Dental Implants And MRI

It is a known fact that people with metal inserts in the body should not be given an MRI. Usually these metals are magnetic in nature and when the patient is in the MRI scanner, the devices can be ripped out of the body by the magnetic force of the MRI and seriously damage the tissue the devices were embedded in. Even patients with pacemakers are not allowed to have MRI scans as the magnetic field created in an MRI can damage the circuits of the pacemaker causing it to fail.

So, what happens to patients who have dental implants? Can they have an MRI without any worries? The good news is that most dental implants are made from titanium, which is an inert metal. It is not magnetic in nature and therefore, does not get magnetized when put into an MRI scanner. Therefore, people with dental implants that are made from titanium can have MRI scans without any issues.

However, not all dental implants are made from titanium. Therefore, those who are not sure about the material of the implant should mention this fact in the form, which you will be filling before the scan. Also, make sure you inform the radiologist of the same.

One thing is for sure that patients with dental implants made from non-ferromagnetic materials can easily have an MRI scan without any worries. However, the quality of the scan will be affected by the dental implants. In some cases, the images will be highly affected, while in others the effect will be marginal.

Nonetheless, it is prudent to inform the radiologist about the dental implant before going for an MRI scan.

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Dental Implants And Mri