Cleaning Stained Dentures  

Many people have dentures, and it is quite common for dentures to get stained because of the food they eat. Therefore, people with stained dentures are always looking for effective ways to remove the stains so that they can once again have sparkling clean teeth. In addition, ensuring that the dentures are clean also improves oral hygiene.

Here are some tips for cleaning stained dentures.

  • If you are drinking tea or coffee, it is best to immediately brush after you consume it. In fact, you should make it a point to brush your dentures as soon as you finish drinking or eating things that could stain the dentures. However, not everyone has the opportunity to brush immediately, and this allows the stains to set in that even brushing cannot remove. For these people, there are other tips for cleaning stained dentures.
  • Make it a point to soak the stained dentures in the night in some effervescent tablets like Alka Seltzer or Efferdent. This often helps to remove the stains. You can get these tablets from a grocery store or a pharmacy.
  • Using a denture cleaning powder to clean the dentures is a good way to get rid of stains.
  • Try soaking the dentures overnight in pure distilled white vinegar. In fact, if you use this method once a week, your dentures will always be stain-free.
  • Some people use glazes or white tooth resins on their dentures to camouflage the stains. Although this does not get rid of the stains, you can cover them effectively.

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Cleaning Stained Dentures




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