How To Fix Dentures ?

How To Fix Dentures ?

Today, dentures are not as common as they used to be a couple of decades ago. This is primarily because more innovative measures have come out to combat tooth loss, and people are more aware about the importance of maintaining good oral health and hygiene. However, those use dentures know how expensive they can be, and when they break, it can be a big a problem.

So, here are some tips on How To Fix Dentures ? that are broken. However, these tips are for helping you out on a temporary basis, and you should immediately consult your dentist if your dentures get broken.

Make sure you keep a tube of Crazy glue in the house. If ever the tooth on a denture chips, this glue can come handy. All you need to do is put a tiny dot of Crazy glue on the inside of the broken chip and on the tooth attached to the denture, and then press the piece firmly to the tooth and hold it for around two minutes. Once the glue dries, you can use the denture again.

Dentures are pretty delicate and can easily break into two if they fall. So, in case your denture has broken, the Crazy glue can help you out once again. Put glue along the break in a thin line. Make sure that you put the glue on both halves. Then, ensure that the pieces are properly aligned and press them together. Hold the position for around 2 minutes. After that, place the dentures between two heavy books and leave them for around an hour. After that you can reuse the dentures until you visit your dentist.

If you are not keen on using Crazy glue on your dentures, then make sure you invest in a denture repairing kit. The kit will have all kinds of things to help you fix dentures that have broken or chipped teeth, missing teeth and even cracked and broken bodies.

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