How Dentist Makes Gold Teeth ?

How Dentist Makes Gold Teeth ?

The process for making gold teeth is the same as making crowns. Usually people opt for gold teeth because they consider it to be fashionable and a status symbol. However, there are some who have gold teeth because they have had problems with crowns made from other materials like porcelain or ceramic.

Usually, you would have to visit the dentist at least twice in order to get gold teeth. In the first visit, the tooth on which the gold cap or crown has to be fitted will be structured and re-shaped to accept the crown. Then the dentist will take an impression of all the teeth to help the dental laboratory prepare the gold crown. Impression of all teeth is taken to ensure that the laboratory gets the bite right.

The laboratory, and not the dentist, makes the gold crown. Initially, using the impression a plaster cast is made. Then using lost wax casting technique, a mold will be made for the gold tooth. Initially the technician will made the tooth from wax to ensure that he gets it right. Thereafter, the mold is used to finally prepare the crown. The crown is then polished to give its sheen, and then sent to the dentist.

Once you visit the dentist, he or she will cement the gold crown into place using dental cement. This procedure, like the re-shaping of the tooth, is done under anesthesia.

Therefore, the procedure to make the gold teeth is exactly the same as making any other crown. The only difference is that dental gold is used along with other metals to create a gold alloy, and it is this gold alloy that is used to make the gold teeth, or gold crowns.

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