Mri And Teeth Gold Cap

MRI And Teeth Gold Cap

Many people nowadays have a gold cap on their tooth. While some people consider it fashionable to have a gold cap, others believe it to be a symbol of status and affluence. There are others who think that a gold cap is utter waste of time and money. And, still others have a gold cap out of dental health necessity.

When people get a gold cap, they do not think about the future that they may end up having a health problem that may necessitate an MRI. It is then a lot of people wonder about MRI and having a gold cap. They wonder whether it would be safe for them to have an MRI scan while having a gold cap. As it is a well known fact that people with metal implants, cochlear implants and pacemakers should not have an MRI as it is dangerous for them.

According to experts, having a gold cap does not cause a problem. A person with a gold cap can have an MRI without any issues as the gold cap does magnetize and create a problem for the person. However, the person should be ready for a slight tingling sensation in the tooth. Other than that there is no effect. The only thing that the gold cap will affect will be results of the scan. Because of the metal, the quality of the scan will not be very good.

Nonetheless, you should make it a point to inform the hospital and the radiologist about the gold cap. Many people have removable gold caps that are known as grillz. If this is the case, it is advisable to remove the cap before going for the MRI. However, if the cap is a permanent fixture attached to a dental implant, then you will still be able to have the MRI, but the radiologist should know this fact.

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Mri And Teeth Gold Cap