How Alzheimers Disease Affects Typing Skills ?

How Alzheimers Disease Affects Typing Skills ?

The brain consists of about hundred billion nerve cells, also known as neurons. These cells undergo chemical as well as electrical activities which allow them to do their tasks and also communicate with each other. This communication system present within the neurons is responsible for controlling important bodily functions and also for allowing people to think, move, see, talk, remember, and experience feelings and emotions.

When a person ages, the brain undergoes changes, especially those regions that are associated with memory and learning. Some of the nerve cells in the brain shrink, while other are destroyed due to free radicals. Also, continued health issues like elevated blood pressure and cholesterol also have an adverse effect on the brain cells.

That is why, as time goes by, it is rather hard for an older person to sit down and learn new things or remember things. However, when a person is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, the damage sustained by the nerve cells in the brain is more severe and affects large portions of the brain. This, in turn, has an adverse effect on the person's memory, movements and abilities to do things.

When it comes to typing skills, this is part of the procedural memory in the brain. The cerebellum is responsible for this memory. In this kind of memory, a person can learn abilities and skills that become automatic in nature. And, typing is a skill that becomes an unconscious skill. Usually, the procedural memory is not affected in the early stages. In fact, it is the last memory to be affected.

So, basically it means that a person suffering from Alzheimer's should be able to type when he or she is in the initial stages of the disease. However, as the disease progresses and the procedural memory is affected, the person will forget this learned skill and will not be able to remember how to type.

Research has shown that the levels of neurotransmitters keep varying in the cerebellum of a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, this has an effect on the procedural memory and the reduction in cognition that a patient suffers from on account of the disease.

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How Alzheimers Disease Affects Typing Skills ?