Mean Angry Alzheimers Patient  

Dealing with mean angry Alzheimer's patient can be emotionally and physically taxing. You, the caregiver, will end up feeling angry, helpless and guilty and this can lead to may stressful symptoms like fatigue, headache or eating problems. However, you can take solace in the fact that usually temper bursts in an Alzheimer's patient are short lived and usually you can look for ways to diffuse the situation or avoid situations that cause the anger.

When dealing with mean angry Alzheimer's patient, you have to first understand that the burst of temper is not directed at you personally. It stems more from frustration. Usually a person suffering from Alzheimer's will get angry and bad tempered when he or she is tired, confused, in pain or is unable to express himself or herself. It is the person's way of letting you know that something is the matter and it needs to be corrected or addressed.

If you are dealing with a mean angry Alzheimer's patient, the first thing to do is to remain calm and collected. If you react, then the person may get more agitated. Instead give the person some space so that he or she can get angry. Do not stay in the same room. And, never ever try to confront the person or try to talk to the person about his or her behavior. They will not understand what you are talking about and this may cause further problems.

Once the person has vented out his feelings, try to distract him with an activity that he enjoys. This will have a calming effect both on the mean and angry Alzheimer's patient and you.

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Mean Angry Alzheimers Patient




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