Can A Sinus Infection Turn Into Bronchitis  

Most sinus infections develop because of allergies, viral infection or nose irritation. These problems cause inflammation of the mucus lining in the nasal passage and this in turn causes swelling of narrow openings through which mucus leaves the sinuses. Once this occurs, the flow of mucus through the sinuses slows down and after sometime mucus does not leave the sinuses causing an environment that is perfect for bacterial growth; and leading to a sinus infection.

The bacterial infection stage is a vicious cycle which produces further inflammation, swelling and more mucus production; and this in turn impedes the flow of mucus out of the sinuses and the entire cycle keeps continuing until the infection goes away or the mucus is removed by a health care professional from the sinuses.

Some people who are prone to sinus infection want to know can a sinus infection turn into bronchitis. The answer is yes. A sinus infection, if really severe can lead to bronchitis, which most laymen know as a chest cold. The sinus infection basically spreads to the lungs and causes bronchitis.

There are two types of bronchitis -- acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis, as the name suggests, stays for two to three months and the most common cause is smoking. While people who have sinus infection are prone to acute bronchitis, which is viral in nature, but it can worsen if you continue smoking. Acute bronchitis due to sinus infection is worse than a cold but better than pneumonia.

So, can a sinus infection turn into bronchitis? The answer is yes it can and that is why you should get proper medical treatment when you have a sinus infection.

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Can A Sinus Infection Turn Into Bronchitis




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Can A Sinus Infection Turn Into Bronchitis )
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