High Cholesterol And Hair Loss

High Cholesterol And Hair Loss

There have been many studies trying to co-relate hair loss and cholesterol. Recently some studies have linked the two, but the exact causes are still unclear. Especially with people who already have a genetic pre-disposition, bad cholesterol can aggravate the process of hair loss.

A clinical finding brought out that most men who suffer from high cholesterol also suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Studies conducted on almost 22,000 volunteers spanning over eleven years from 1982 clearly brought out that men tending to loose hair have higher risk of suffering heart attacks. Further studies only made this finding stronger in both men and women and work is still in progress to authenticate this hypothesis.

One way of comprehending this finding is that for the people who already have genetic predisposition, a rise in cholesterol will result in triggering an increase in production of ‘androgen’ which is a hormone. This in turn will increase the production of a hormone called DHT -- dihydrotestosterone -- which causes loss of hair.

Another school of thought is that DHT causes increase in cholesterol. This is also the reason for women to be less affected by hair loss or heart ailments in -spite of generating androgen hormone almost 20 times lesser than men.

Cholesterol is also said to mix with sebum and cause its solidification thus blocking the hair follicles and affecting hair growth. The shaft of hair reduces in size in every successive growth.

Sometimes the medicines used for treating cholesterol also aggravate hair loss.

Healthy food habits, exercise, and avoiding smoking and alcohol will assist in preventing hair loss.

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High Cholesterol And Hair Loss