Paranoia And Dementia

Paranoia And Dementia

Paranoia and dementia some tend to go together. In fact, people who suffer from dementia are invariably attacked by paranoia and they cannot distinguish between what is real and what is make-believe. As a result, people who have dementia may end up having fights with imaginary criminals who they think have come to rob them off their valuables, or they may believe that someone is out to kill them.

If your loved one is suffering from paranoia and dementia, there are some steps you can take to help them cope with their condition. Obviously, it is not an easy task, but you have to try.

Make sure that you do not argue with the person when he or she is having one of their paranoid delusions. It will not help the situation and will end up making the person more agitated and angry. Instead, acknowledge the person's feelings and fear and try to help them through it.

A person suffering from paranoia will tend to hide his or her things that they consider valuable. So, try to figure out which are the person's favorite hiding places and keep checking those places from time to time to retrieve the hidden items. Also, make sure that you check the trash before throwing it out.

If the person suffering from dementia is having an episode of paranoia, try to get the person involved in a new activity in another room to distract and help them overcome their anxiety. However, if the person is too agitated, this trick will not work.

In case the person tends to keep hiding things that he or she considers valuable, you may benefit from have a spare of those items. This way you could replace the items with the spares until you find the hidden items.

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Paranoia And Dementia