Common Eye Diseases

Common Eye Diseases

Eyes are delicate part of the human body. They are vulnerable to several infections. Most of us will experience eye problems at one point or the other as a result of cold or cough.

However, common infections are short lived, and they go away after a few weeks. There are some common eye diseases which can last a life time and also progress to get worse.

Some of the most common eye problems are as follows:

Twitching: Twitching can be a very annoying eye problem, and astonishingly it can occur at any stage in life. It can occur as a result of stress, caffeine, fatigue, Tourette's syndrome and pink eye.

Itchy eyes: Itching in the eye can be caused due to an eye infection like conjunctivitis, or dry eyes, or any common allergies. It is a common eye symptom for several eye conditions, and when you have persistent itchy eyes, it is better to get it evaluated by an eye specialist.

Tired eyes: This is a common symptom for eye disorders like astigmatism, long sightedness and short sightedness. One has to check the possibility of using glasses or contacts when they have constantly tired eyes. Over exposure to television or computers can also cause tired eyes.

Blurry vision: It is another common eye problem that leads to astigmatism, short sightedness and long sightedness. If you have consistent blurry vision, then in all probability you will need glasses. Sometimes, people see blurry images only when they read and this usually happens while aging. This kind of vision problem can be corrected through reading glasses.

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Common Eye Diseases
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