Causes Of Astigmatism

Causes Of Astigmatism

Some of the common symptoms of astigmatism are headaches, fatigue and blurred vision. All the symptoms may be present at one time, or some people may only experience partial symptoms. These symptoms may not necessarily indicate astigmatism by default, and you can contact a doctor to see if you have it with specific tests.

There are several causes leading to astigmatism. Some are hereditary, while others are due to pathological factors.

If your parents or one of the parents had astigmatism, then chances are you may be suffering with it already. For some people, the shape of the eye could be causing astigmatism. In normal people, the eye is shaped like an even sphere. This shape is necessary to have normal view of objects. However, for person with astigmatism, the shape of the eye is like a football. So, when light falls into their eye, it takes a longer path creating a blurry vision.

Another common reason for astigmatism is eyelids putting pressure on the cornea. When the cornea is stressed due to the pushing of the eyelids against its walls, it may cause blurred vision. This is also one of the possible causes of astigmatism.

Astigmatism is a curable condition. If it is caused in kids, then eye specialists recommend glasses as treatment. It is also rectifiable through surgery and corrective lenses. Astigmatism is a disorder that progresses very slowly. So, one should visit their optician regularly to check for it. The sooner it is diagnosed the chances of treatment are better.

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Causes Of Astigmatism
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