Does Astigmatism Get Worse ?

Does Astigmatism Get Worse ?

Astigmatism is an eye-related disorder that causes vision problems. People, who have astigmatism, often experience headaches, blurred vision, fatigue and eye strain. Any person, who has constant blurred vision, should visit the doctor and go through eye tests.

The sooner astigmatism is diagnosed, the better the chances of treatment are. Also, if detected early, then astigmatism can be treated without surgery.Corrective glasses are prescribed for people with a slight astigmatism. This particular disorder is measured in percentage. Some people may be partially affected by it, while others may be completely affected. If a person has complete astigmatism, then surgery becomes inevitable to avoid blindness. Astigmatism can also be caused due to hereditary reasons.

Astigmatism is a disorder which gradually progresses at a slow pace. Eventually, it may turn into a complete condition. That is why early detection is crucial for the treatment. Untreated astigmatism may eventually end in blindness. It gets worse with time. There is no specific time line that can be mentioned, but if neglected over a period of few years, then it may soon progress to blindness. Awareness and treatment are very crucial in such conditions. Astigmatism can be easily controlled by wearing corrective glasses.

Once diagnosed with the condition, the person should visit the optometrist every year without fail, and check the percentage of progress. Some medications are also prescribed to treat the condition. By starting an effective treatment method, the condition can be brought under control and cured also over a period of time.

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