Effect Of Astigmatism On Vision

Effect Of Astigmatism On Vision

Astigmatism is a vision related problem. The condition directly affects vision, and causes blurry images and least clarity in sight for the person suffering from it. A person with astigmatism has tired eyes, and due to this the images that they see always seem wavy or blurred.

It is mainly caused due to the shape of the eye. In a normal person, the eye is spherical in shape. This causes the light to refract normally. However, in a person with astigmatism, the eye is shaped like a football or the back of the spoon. So, the refraction is longer and therefore, the vision is also blurred. It is like having the lens of the eye tilted.

Astigmatism sometimes is an inherited problem and for some people it is just a growth disorder.

People with astigmatism see things differently. The astigmatism blur is partially affecting. For example, a person with this condition can see vertical lines of a page when tilted down, but not the horizontal line. They look blurred and like waves. So, as a result, they seem to be concentrating on everything, and it becomes difficult to focus for them. Trying too hard to concentrate may result in headaches and tiredness. Astigmatism also affects driving skills as the light from the opposite direction could hurt the eyes.

Astigmatism is diagnosed through eye tests, and an optician looks into the cornea to in an eye exam. Sometimes, astigmatism exists with myopia or hyperopia. However, they both are not related. Vision correction techniques are used to treat astigmatism.

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Effect Of Astigmatism On Vision
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