How To Treat High Astigmatism ?

How To Treat High Astigmatism ?

People who have astigmatism will suffer from frequent headaches, eyestrain and fatigue. They also experience blurred vision. Many people do not exhibit the symptoms in spite of having the condition. Optometrists are the right people to diagnose this condition.

When you experience blurred vision, you would be recommended an eye test. The refraction of the light in the eye is observed. Astigmatism can coexist with myopia or farsightedness. It is a slow progressing disorder, and can take several years to get worse.

Astigmatism is not a serious eye condition, and it can be treated very easily. You will be prescribed corrective lens or glasses for a few years. Only when the astigmatism is moderate or high, corrective lenses are prescribed. When it is very mild, the doctor may not prescribe the glasses. A special variety of lenses called toric lenses are prescribed for people with astigmatism. These lenses correct the refraction light when it is entering the eye. The lenses have greater power to bend the light, and this will correct the vision problem.

Surgery is another way of correcting astigmatism. In the surgery, the shape of the cornea is changed using laser technology. This is done in case of severe astigmatism. However, in order to conduct a surgery, the eye should otherwise be in a good shape and there should be no other related condition like short or far sightedness. There is more than one type of refractive surgeries and depending on the type of astigmatism, the surgery is done.

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How To Treat High Astigmatism
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